The Joys of Travelling

Ever been on holiday and felt at peace with the world? Ever visited some beautiful place locally and wondered why you never noticed it before? Well, perhaps the perfect cure for this to do a bit of adventuring! No, I’m not saying you should pack up all your belongings and set sail for the opens sea. What I AM saying is that getting out and discovering some local gems, or venturing further afield to discover the wonders of the world around us, can have enormous benefits.

In my own experience, I have grown as a person and found that travelling both locally and not-so-locally is truly one of the best decisions you can make; all in three major ways…


  1. Cultural Awareness

We are now living in a global society where national sentiments of prejudice and intolerance are commonplace – therefore this feeling of cultural awareness and compassion has never been more important. I guarantee that immersing yourself in different cultures allows us to have a new outlook on life as well as a wider understanding of the world community as a whole. Travelling to almost every corner of Spain in the space of 9 months, I became much more tolerant and am an entirely new person as a result. On the other hand, it is just as important to learn about about your own culture’s history – a black taxi tour around Belfast did me as much good as any of my other trips.

2016-04-30 23.26.32.jpg

2.    Inner Well-being

Whether you’re struggling towards the top of the Eiffel Tower or taking a relaxing stroll around one of Ireland beautiful national parks, travelling can be a very therapeutic experience. Discovering sparkling new environments can be extremely comforting, while getting back to nature is such a stress-relieving experience. Getting out there can make you a truly happier person in several other ways; while a drunken lads’ weekend in Magaluf may give you some great memories, it’s the great outdoors, scouring through the Old Town and immersing yourself in the local culture which will do you the greatest good. A few tequilas in the evening does no harm though.


3. Wider Skill Set

If you are a young person like me who is hoping to add to the CV in any way possible, then doing some travelling (even for a bit) can make the world of difference. It makes you a much more confident person, one who is able to deal with any problems which may arise and who is extremely sociable and willing to talk to new people. Even going on a day trip can be beneficial; it makes you a lot more independent as a person; finding some interesting places around your local area may even inspire you to get involved in activities going on around you. For example, a quick jaunt up to the Giant’s Causeway may get you enthusiastic about joining the National Trust. In a nutshell, getting out and discovering some new places is altogether a great character-building experience – one that really pays off!

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  1. Totally agree with number three.. Traveling helps us become open to possibilities which could mean learning a new skill or taking a different career path.

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