It’s Always Sunny in Seville!

Think of all the things you associate with Spanish culture; flamenco, bullfighting, paella etc. Now imagine all this and more within walking distance – you’ve just described the centre to one of Spain’s most enchanting cities. Having visited Seville (Sevilla to locals) a few times, I have enjoyed a taste of its fascinating culture – here’s a guide to some of the very best Seville has to offer.


Seville Cathedral

This is the stunning masterpiece of Seville’s city centre. Its blend of different building styles throughout time is a real treat for the eyes. It has a largely Gothic façade, though this is second only to the sensational Arabic tower, La Giralda, which stands next to the main Cathedral building. Over 100m in height, the walk up this minaret-turned-bell tower might be a tough one, but the sights from the top are something not to be missed. Prices for guided tours of the Cathedral start at €13.00, but is worth every cent!


The Alcazar Gardens

Dazzling architecture and beautiful gardens can be found in all sorts of places, but this is something special! Walking through the ancient halls of the Palace building and strolling in the laid-back atmosphere of the Gardens make for an unforgettable experience! But what’s most impressive about this place – in my opinion – are the gorgeous courtyards, the intricate detail of the decoration and the calming aura of all the rooms.  All of this for €9.50! And Game of Thrones fans take note, the sections of the series set in Dorne are all filmed within the building’s wall, so do try it out!


Plaza de España

Plaza de España is one of those places which remains with you forever. No matter how many times you visit, you might catch it a different angle which astonishes all over again. With large, individual mosaics demonstrating the cultures of each Spanish province, the main Plaza is a true spectacle. Then there’s the arts and crafts markets which line the adjoining streets, you should definitely pick up a souvenir of your time here! The small river running through the Plaza as well which are perfect for anyone looking for an altogether soothing experience – so get rowing! And best of all? There’s no cost for wandering around the grounds and soaking up the warm and friendly atmosphere around the place!


Also check out… La Torre Del Oro

The Golden Tower is a beautiful piece of architecture which stands proud at the riverside. Originally a military lookout tower, it now plays host to the city’s maritime museum, as well as offering a great view of city centre from its rooftop!



  • If you’re planning on staying in Seville for a few days or more, I would definitely recommend a day trip out to Ronda – with its buildings at the cliffs edge and an awe-inspiring Roman bridge to see, it’s at least worth a visit, around 90-minute bus ride away.


  • Restaurants and cafés line most streets in city centre, but the barrio of Santa Cruz offers the best places to have a taste of Seville – my favourite was the popular Orange Chicken!


  • Most of the hostels in Seville offers activities such as pub crawls and (free) walking tours, which are honestly the best ways to live Seville at its most lively and enticing! NB: The winding streets in the Old Town become much more familiar after one of these walking tours.

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5 Replies to “It’s Always Sunny in Seville!”

  1. I’ve read about Seville in numerous blog posts, and I can understand the allure it has on travelers. It looks so beautiful just by looking at its pictures. The La Torre Del Oro looks amazing, I would love to see that for myself in the near future.


  2. I blame myself every time I read a post about Seville! Why I never have been there, it is so close to my place!! It looks so beautiful, so full of history. Plaza de España looks so charming! Will follow your tips about the walking tours a pubs if I make it soon 😉


  3. This is a good tour of Seville, all must see places covered so well. I watched Flamenco dance in one of the little halls here.


  4. Seville looks like a beautiful place. The river passing through laza de España is really fascinating. I liked the tips and places you suggested at the end of your post.


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