The (Un)Official Spanish Bucket List: The Top 20

Over the past few weeks, I have been sharing what I believe are the most essential things to do during your travels through Spain. Here, I have compiled the list in full. I would love to hear from you guys, whether you have experienced anything on the list, or maybe you think there is something that should have made the list. Buen Viaje!

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  1. Alhambra, Granada

This ancient Arab Palace is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Spain …and the world.


  1. Paella Valenciana

A traditional rice dish, no trip to Spain is complete without trying the original recipe for this delicious culinary phenomenon.


  1. Camino de Santiago

Perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors, the stunning pilgrimage is natural Spain at its best! Such an eye-opening experience!


  1. Toledo

Famously named ‘The City of Three Cultures’, the Old Town here perfectly preserves the ancient cultural elements of the Christian, Jewish and Moorish sects that resided here.


  1. The ‘Mezquita-Cathedral’, Cordoba

Arab architecture and Christian motifs come together in displaying a totally mesmerising piece of Spanish history.


  1. Ronda day trip 

Nested away in the Andalusian countryside, this cliff-top city is suitable for those looking to get away from the bustling city scenes.


  1. Nights Out in Madrid

Madrid nightlife is like nowhere else! It caters for all tastes and is something truly unforgettable! Don’t forget the churros!


  1. Consuegra Windmills

Like something taken straight out of Don Quijote, the windmills stand upon the hills of ‘La Mancha’ in dazzling fashion.


  1. Gaudi in Barcelona

Gaudi was a true visionary with his modernist fantasies for Barcelona – they come to life magnificently!


  1. Salamanca Old Town

Thriving student city? Jaw-dropping architecture? You’re in for a real treat here!


  1. Hiking in Asturias

The Picos de Europa have many hidden treasures on their paths, go discover them!


  1. Carnaval, Cádiz 

Sun, Sangria and singing all make for a perfect weekend party in Southern Spain – check it out!


  1. San Sebastian

Renowned for its ‘pintxos’, there is so much to do in the Basque city of San Sebastian. Just remember your walking boots!


  1. Flamenco

This ancient tradition is a joy to witness, and is something you need to see for yourself!


  1. Snowboarding, Sierra Nevada

Grab your boards and hit the slopes. A quick trip from the sunny spots of Spain, this getaway is an awesome experience!


  1. Madrid Art Museums                                                 So many styles to be found in one city… check out the best art galleries Madrid has to offer!


  1. City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

A multi-million complex reminiscent of some Sci-Fi adventure, the interactive exhibits are suitable for everyone!


  1. Retiro Park, Madrid 

The soothing atmosphere of this park inside Madrid’s city centre is a perfect way to round off your trip to the Capital.


  1. Bullfighting Traditions

As controversial as it is fascinating, the history of the “sport” should not be ignored in terms of impact and influence – should it be banned?


  1. A Weekend in Sevilla

Founded as a city of the Al-Andalus kingdom, this ancient gem of Southern Spain marks the best that the country has on offer – sun, fiestas, sangria, beautiful architecture to name but a few. Don’t miss out!

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