Gallery: What To Do In Madrid

Despite being the country’s Capital, Madrid does not seem to enjoy the reputations of city’s such as Barcelona or Seville. Sadly, it is a city which cannot be experienced in just a few days; but to spend a bit longer there allows you to discover its real beauty.

The gallery aims to show that Madrid deserves its spot as one of Spain’s most interesting destinations, and one which can hold its own as a world renowned travel spot.

1. Upon Arrival


(Photo Credit: Insta @topmadridphoto)

Atocha Train Station with its exotic natural displays, which are home to some interesting wildlife.

2. The Architecture


Madrid and its gothic architecture are a reminder of Spain’s rich cultural heritage, such as the Cybele Palace in city centre.

3. Old Streets


(Photo Credit: Insta @madridcityworld)

Wander through the old streets of City Centre to discover cafés, shops patisseries etc..

4. Row your Boat


(Photo Credit: Insta: @leonss93)

In the midst of bustling city life, the natural atmosphere of Retiro Park is a nice break.

5. Nightlife


Evenings in Madrid are entirely different to the day, with bars and clubs packed and many people hanging out in the spacious Madrid areas.

6. Back on the Market


The many markets found in Madrid give you a proper taste of Madrid culture, including some of the best food on offer.

7. The Greenhouse Effect


(Photo Credit: Insta @tuncercetinkaya)

Retiro Park is so relaxing and peaceful, and on a sunny day is well worth a stroll. Make sure to check out Palacio de Cristal (pictured above)

8. Churros


Madrid is the home to this sweet treat, so be on the lookout for a chocolatería near you.

9. Madrid from Above


The number of rooftop bars in Madrid is quite impressive. They’re the best way to get a view of the city!

10. That Medieval Feel


(Photo Credit: Insta @turismocmadrid)

While a booming industrial city, the centre of Madrid is home to many ancient and historical sights. Museums and Palaces are a nice reminder of this, yet it is just as nice to grab a coffee and tapas and enjoy the Plaza Mayor!


9 Replies to “Gallery: What To Do In Madrid”

  1. I didn’t like Madrid at all when I went but who knows, I may like it when I go back… retiro is the best thing in the city I saw though!


  2. Wow what a beautiful city! I need to really sit down and look at some places that I would love to visit and put them on my vision board.


  3. all the feelings, I LOVE LOVE Madrid so much. I called it home for two years. This is an awesome post, your photos are stunning!!!


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