10 Must See Places in Dublin City

Dublin City is an amazing destination for any traveller looking to set foot in the Emerald Isle. There is so much history to the city, with reminders scattered everywhere. While Dublin is innately Irish in both culture and style, there is a great continental feel to it which gives a great welcoming vibe to the city. Whether a history buff or avid partier, you’ll find something here to enjoy! Top Tip: some of the exhibitions and tours on the list require pre-booking, so make sure to check availability!
Don’t believe me? Here is my top 10 places you visit during your stay in the Irish Capital!

1. Jameson Distillery


Here you can discover the fascinating history behind Ireland’s most famous and recognisable Whiskeys. You get some tasty samples as well, or a nice whiskey cocktail if you aren’t much of a whiskey drinker.

2. St. Stephen’s Green

The name given both to the central shopping centre and the adjoining park, the area is perfect for avid travellers looking for both a sneaky shopping trip and a relaxing stroll around the park. It is also interesting to see several important spots from Irish history, such as during the Easter Rising of 1916.

3. Trinity College and the Book of Kells


Trinity is one of Ireland’s most prestigious College’s, and the grounds are great to wander around for any traveller. It is also home to one of the World’s most beautiful libraries, which is found at the end of an exhibit housing the Book of Kells, an ancient illustrated copy of the Gospels.

4. Temple Bar District


The party central of Dublin City is known for its classic Irish bars and great party atmosphere. It is a tad pricey, but a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar enjoying some class live music is an experience essential to your time in the Capital!

5. Phoenix Park


Known for being the world’s largest walled park, Phoenix park is a nice change of pace from the rest of the city. Chill in the large gardens, go check out the zoo, or visit the large War Monument (you can’t miss, it is identical to the Washington Monument!)

6. Bars and Restaurants


During your stay in the Irish Capital, you might like to try some of the city’s finest restaurants and bars. I have already mentioned Temple Bar, but here are some tips for where to eat and drink while in Dublin:
The Oval Bar (Abbey St.) = Found just off O’Connell St, this Irish pub is great place for a nice pint, and upstairs you can sample some authentic Irish pub grub at a reasonable price.
Boojum = A favourite for locals to be found off O’Connell St, the Mexican burrito bar always has a large queue – but well worth the wait!
Whelans = A classic 1950s-style Irish bar on the Southside, this site is good for live music, or even a quiet pint!
The Auld Dubliner = Early afternoon or late evening, this Temple Bar location is always jam-packed with people both local and international enjoying the craic with some great live sets!
Kaph = If it is a nice cup of coffee you are looking for this, this trendy spot near the St Stephen’s Green is one for any coffee lover!

7. Guinness Storehouse


Arthur Guinness’ iconic storehouse is the birthplace of the famous stout, and is an incredible testament to the legacy left by its founder. Inside, you’ll find everything from the Guinness Academy, where you will learn how to pour the perfect pint, or the top floor panoramic bar! Don’t forget the “petting zoo”, where you can rediscover some of Guinness most famous advertising campaigns.

8. O’Connell Street


Probably the city’s most recognisable Street, you will pass by O’Connell Street a few times during your time in Dublin. You can see the Spire, a huge sculpture built in celebration of the Millennium, as well as the GPO – this Post Office was the epicentre of the Easter Rising of 1916. While this busy street may have your favourite shops, don’t forget to wander around the side streets and discover the real Dublin!

9. A Walk Along The Liffey


Be sure to take time to wander along the River Liffey, which divides the city between North and South. Along the way, you can sample some great food and drink, you will see the iconic Halfpenny Bridge (a perfect photo opportunity!), and the Liffey is a great starting off point to navigate through the winding streets of Dublin city centre!

10. Kilmainham Gaol


In order to truly understand Dublin City as we know it today, it is crucial to pay a visit to Kilmainham, a Victorian-esque prison made infamous by the imprisonment of the Rebel leaders after Easter 1916. Those at the forefront of Irish independence are commemorated here, and the stories shared here shed a whole new light on the society built within the boundaries of Dublin as a whole. This is an essential stop on your Irish travels!

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3 Replies to “10 Must See Places in Dublin City”

  1. Love it! I haven’t visited Dublin yet, but these are some great starting points. I’m especially curious about seeing the Trinity library, I love beautiful libraries


    1. Thanks for your comment! The Trinity library was used as a filming location for the Harry Potter franchise… So you can imagine what its like inside!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, I didn’t know that was one of their locations! Definitely worth a visit, even more so now ❤


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