About Me!

Hi everyone!
Welcome to ‘Hugh With A View’, where I will hopefully be able to share with you some helpful travel tips while travelling throughout Europe (and possibly further in the near future!).

I started this travel blog after spending a year living abroad in Toledo, Spain. During this year, I really caught the travel bug and wanted to share what I had experienced with the world. Having experienced almost every corner of Spain, I had a firm grasp of travelling through this amazing country; and after a few years, I have been lucky enough to see much more of Europe.

Now I am back living in Barcelona, Spain and my love of travelling has been given a brand new burst of energy so expect more posts in the near future. So make sure to follow my adventures on all platforms… I would love to hear some suggestions or recommendations from you!

You can find Hugh With A View on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, so get liking!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hughwithaview

Instagram: @hughwithaview       www.instagram.com/hughwithaview

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/hughwithaview



2 Replies to “About Me!”

  1. Hi Hugh hope you’re behaving yourself. In Spain. Clubhouse very quiet without you!!


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